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Women farmers working in a paddy field

Posted On 26/11/2021 in People in Agriculture

Women in Farming

Women farmers have roared into the spotlight recently because of their role in the farmers protests but, they have had a huge role to play even before this event. And yet, women farmers have a long way to go to break the cloak of invisibility that seems to surround their work in Indian farms. So, what is the situation now? Is it changing?

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Tractor spraying pesticide on crops

Posted On 19/11/2021 in Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management and Agriculture

Farmers all over the world have to deal with different kinds of challenges when it comes to crop management. One such challenge is pest control. In a report titled Scientific review of the impact of climate change on plant pests, an FAO study, it was found that pests destroy up to 40 % of crops globally.

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Posted On 12/11/2021 in Farming Types , Sustainability


Agriculture has developed, transformed and expanded in multifarious ways. Some of these changes have helped sustain different kinds of practices for decades and some of these changes are new. One such fairly new change has been the advent and growth of agroforestry.

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Farmer with a tablet in a field

Posted On 05/11/2021 in Farming Types , Technology

Precision Farming

Agriculture land management is a complex system and even the most experienced farmers have to constantly deal with different factors when it comes to decision-making. This decision-making process has been made significantly easier with the advent of technology in farming.

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Aerial view of a large paddy field

Posted On 29/10/2021 in Farming Types

Types of Agriculture in India

During the pandemic, lots of business sectors went through a very rough time. Some of them folded, some of them weathered the storm, albeit with a lot of difficulties, and yet others endured and actually showed positive growth. Indian agriculture falls into the last category.

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