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Open Well Pump Types


Open well submersible pumps are used when the applications will face a frequent change in water levels. It can be dropped and fitted to the bottom of an open well or sump pump, which gives it an advantage over traditional centrifugal pumps. Open well pumps from Taro come with excellent service life and also have coatings on their internal elements to prevent rusting. These items are usually cast iron, providing excellent durability.

How does an open well pump work?

Open well submersible pumps are designed for open well applications, where the pump is fully submerged in water.  These pumps can either be a single stage pump with an impeller and a volute casing, or a multistage pump similar to borewell submersible pumps. A prime mover, generally an electric motor, is used to drive these pumps.

The open well pump with a volute casing works similar to the monoblock centrifugal pump, however it is not limited by suction lift as it is submerged in water. The multistage openwell submersible pump, works similar to the borewell submersible pump, wherein the water passes through a series of stages (a stage comprises an impeller and diffuser). The diffuser does the function of the volute as the water moves to the next stage. Check our Open Well Pump FAQs which provide more detailed information on how they work.

How to install an open well pump?

Before installation, the motor in an open well submersible pumps need to be filled with pure drinking through one of the drain plugs until water overflows through the other drain plug. Ensure that the drain plugs are properly tightened after filling the water. Then, the PVC insulated cable need to be properly joined with the cables from the external supply. After ensuring for free rotation, the pump is submerged into the open well and placed on a flat surface, slightly above the bottom of the well or tank. The pump set is suspended by a rope tied to the pump body. Check our Open Well Installation page for more information.

How to maintain an open well pump?

We have a library of owner manuals of Agriculture, Domestic and Industrial pumps. These detailed manuals are available to download here. Should you need more information or clarification on how to maintain your pump, you can call us toll free on 1800-102-8888 and our technicians would be happy to assist you.

What is the price of an open well pump?

Submersible pumps are available for sale through our authorised dealers. You’ll need to go through a product selection process, and they will need to be installed by a qualified technician. You can call us on toll free 1800-102-8888 or use our Find a Dealer tool.  Taro Pumps and our dealers will be most happy to go over your application and needs and select a product that matches your requirement.

Taro Open Well pumps

Taro Pumps’ product have a power range from 3hp through to 20hp. For more help buying an open well pump, please see our Open Well Pump Buyers Guide.

For further how open well pumps compare against other types of pumps see our Open Well Pumps Comparisons page.

For more information on why Taro Pumps sets the benchmark in the industry, visit our 5 Ticks page. Some common applications of where open well pumps are used:

  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Domestic and community water supplies
  • Industrial water supply
  • Cooling water circulating systems

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Installation Information

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