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Open Well Pumps


Open well submersible pumps are used when the applications will face a frequent change in water levels. It can be dropped and fitted to the bottom of an open well or sump pump, which gives it an advantage over traditional centrifugal pumps.

Open well pumps from Taro also come with excellent service lives and have also had a coating on their internal elements to prevent rusting. These items are usually cast iron, providing excellent durability. For more information, see our buyers guide.


Primary Uses

Open well pumps are best used in the following applications:

  • Domestic and community water supplies
  • Industrial water supply
  • Cooling water circulating systems
  • Agricultural irrigation


Open Well Pump Types

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Frequently Asked Questions

Making a decision regarding your purchase is not always easy. We have provided you with a range of answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding open well pumps, including power, cost, efficiency and more.


Installation Information

Find out more about the how to install an open well pump. This page includes step by step guides, images and downloadable content to help you better understand the installation process.

Installation Advice

Compare Open Well Pumps

To help you to make the right decision we have provided a range of comparisons showing how open well pumps compare against some of the leading alternatives. Includes advantages/ disadvantages and more.


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