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Business people in a hand huddle

Posted On 19/02/2024 in Better, By , Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Better, by Culture

There is no doubt that corporate culture is a sine qua non for every company that wants to stay the course, like we do! Our core values guide us and help make the right decisions. And culture is an enabler for all our initiatives.

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Lab technician putting soil in a testube

Posted On 12/02/2024 in Soil & Water

What Is Soil Science?

Soil science studies how soil is formed, its properties, & management. Classifying soil types, their biological properties, fertility of soil, & even how it interacts with living things including plants – all of it is soil science.

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Two professionals shaking hands

Posted On 05/02/2024 in Better, By , Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Designing an Effective Recruitment Process

People are not our most important asset. The right people are our most important asset. And we go to great lengths to define, identify, recruit, and nurture the right person. It all starts with the design of the recruitment process.

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Digit ten over a green grass background

Posted On 29/01/2024 in Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Top Ten Tips for Buying a Pump

Buying a pump can be a challenge. There are multiple brands, manufacturers, & types of pumps. There are also several technical aspects of pumps and motors. Keeping a few important tips in mind can help you make the right decision.

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Business people reviewing the company documents

Posted On 22/01/2024 in Better, By , Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Design DNA

Developing a user-friendly, effective, & efficient product is important. Our design-thinking process helps look at new products or make improvements to existing products in a comprehensive manner. And that’s why we are Better, By Design.

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