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Hand holding a smartphone showing trading of carbon credits

Posted On 24/06/2024 in Climate & Weather

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits in agriculture help farmers & producers earn credits for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. These credits can then be sold on carbon markets, providing financial incentives for sustainable agricultural practices that help combat climate change.

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Taro Pumps engineer working in the factory

Posted On 17/06/2024 in Better, By , Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

People Power To The Fore

In the intricate ecosystem of a successful organisation, employees are the driving force behind every achievement. A workplace's vitality & culture hinges on its employees, as they are not just resources but the architects of its success.

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Indian farmer on laptop making a payment

Posted On 10/06/2024 in Agriculture Services

Agricultural Credit

Agricultural credit, including agricultural loans, is given to farmers, & agri businesses to support their operations. It helps farmers buy seeds, fertilizers, equipment, etc. It also helps manage risks associated with unpredictable factors like weather, & market fluctuations.

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Businessman having virtual team meeting

Posted On 03/06/2024 in Better, By

Going Beyond The Office

Remote working has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with advancements in technology. Remote working offers many benefits, but it's important to address its challenges proactively to make the most of this work pattern.

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A dry field during very hot summer

Posted On 27/05/2024 in Climate & Weather

Drought and Agriculture

Agricultural drought can lead to economic losses due to decreased crop productivity & increased costs for irrigation. It can also have broader implications on food security. Water-saving techniques can help mitigate drought.

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