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Hand touching a crop in a field

Posted On 25/03/2023 in Agriculture Services

Food Security and Agriculture

India comes in at a rank of 68 in the Global Food Security Index. Factors such as population growth, supply chain disruptions, disparities in income levels, low accessibility, and climate change have played their role in food security in India.

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Raised arms joining together at the hands

Posted On 18/02/2023 in Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

The HeaRt Of Our Business

People, simply put, are our greatest asset. From our superb team of shopfloor staff who painstakingly take the utmost care to manufacture your pumps, to our management teams, we believe that human resource is the best resource we have.

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Taro Pumps Machine

Posted On 11/02/2023 in Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

What Makes Us ‘Materialistic’?

Materials are indeed the building blocks of our products and that’s why there is a veritable ecosystem that works in perfect unison to ensure that materials and technology come together to give our customers best-in-class products.

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Plastic cups containing different types of seeds in a laboratory

Posted On 08/02/2023 in Crops

Hybrid Seeds and Crops

Hybrid seeds are found in modern agriculture. ICAR is working on maize, pearl millet, rice, sorghum, & castor. Experts make a case for hybrids because of better yields, higher resistance to pests, and can meet ever-increasing demand.

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Increasing piles of coins topped with plant saplings

Posted On 05/02/2023 in Crops

Cash Crops of India

Agriculture contributes to around 18% GDP of India. India grows and exports various kinds of cash crops such as jute, cotton, tea, rice and so on. Sugarcane is a major cash crop in India, along with many others.

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