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Jet Pumps


Jet Pump Types


There are four main types of jet pumps; deep well, shallow well, multistage and mini. They do not require coupling as they are known for being relatively easy to install.

Jet pumps work by creating a force via jet stream to the water source, blasting it to the surface. For more information regarding these, please read our jet pumps buyers guide.

Primary Uses

The main applications and areas where a jet pump is best used are for a jet pump are:

  • Individual homes
  • Residential communities
  • Factories
  • Multi story buildings

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on Jet Pumps click below to view our list of frequently asked questions. These questions answer common queries regarding, cost, power, efficiency, information regarding how they work and much more.


Installation Information

Find out more about how to install Taro Jet Pumps. This page includes step by step guides, images and downloadable content to help you better understand the installation process.


Installation Advice

Jet Pump Comparisons

How do Jet pumps perform when compared to the alternatives? Find out in our series of comparisons, which look closely at advantages/disadvantages, applications, installation requirements, space requirements and much more.


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