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Jet Pump Buyers Guide

Jet Pumps are a popular type of pumps used in place of borewell submersible pumps. As no coupling is required they are known as being easy to install.

Jet Pumps come in horizontal and vertical configurations. These pumps work by creating a force through a jet stream to the water source.

In this guide you will find:

  • What are Jet Pumps used for?
  • Which is the right Jet Pump for me?
  • Is a Jet Pump the right option?
  • Installation information.

What are Jet Pumps Used For?

Jet Pumps are used for pumping water from borewell where the usage of submersible pumps are not advised or are barred by local authorities. They are also used for their ease of access and maintenance because they are installed above the ground. The main uses you’ll find for them are:

  • Individual houses
  • Residential colonies
  • Factories
  • Multi-storied buildings/apartments

Which Jet Pump Do I Need?

The first thing which will help you find the right Jet pump is to establish what you will be using it for, whether domestic, agricultural or industrial.


If you are looking to use a Jet pump in a domestic setting then you’ll most likely be using it to provide a water source for your home or the community. This works especially well in a multi storey apartment building.

A standard product for this requirement will be: example product here.
HCSJ 7032-RS, TSJ 1032-R, TDSJ 1042


To provide water in industrial settings such as factories, as well as helping other needs round the industry.

A popular product in this area would be:
TDSJ 1542, HCSJ 7032 GS

For an exact match on the pump for your requirements, use a pump selector like the one we have here.

When is a Jet Pump Not Right for Me?

Under certain conditions, a Jet Pump might not be the most suitable option for the job. The following situations may mean that a Jet Pump may not be suitable:

  • The suction head (vertical distance of the water source from the pump) exceeds 200 feet
  • The discharge head requirement is more than 80 feet

Alternatives to a Jet pump

Borewell Submersible Pump

For domestic applications, the above is an alternative for those who want to eliminate suction head and discharge head issues. As a borewell submersible pump, this has zero suction head and operates underwater which makes it noiseless. This pump eliminates pump-priming issues. This does not need any special provision for protection from rainfall or dust. The efficiency of this pump is much higher than a Jet Pump and thus will operate for much lower duration for the same volume of water pumped.

Comparison has been provided to help you make your decision:

Installation Information

Jet pumps are relatively simple to install compared to other pumps, though this installation should still be carried out by a trained professional.

We have provided a step by step guide for reference which shows how the installation of Jet pumps should take place. Find our guide here.