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Taro Borewell Submersible Pumps are used for agricultural and domestic water pumping needs across the India. They are called Submersible Pumps because they are installed in boreholes / bore wells, submerged in water.

Taro Pumps’ products are renowned for their power efficiency and durability, made from cast iron components and feature CED coatings. Driven by a hermetically sealed motor, they pump water to the surface through the installed pipe work.

How does a submersible pump work?

Borewell Submersible pumps are designed for bore wells, where the pump is fully submerged in water.  These pumps work by pushing the water up to the surface or above the ground, to the point of use, through a series of stages (a stage includes an impeller and a diffuser). The pump is coupled to a prime mover, generally an electric motor.

As the prime mover starts and the shaft rotates, a suction pressure is created at the eye of the impeller that allows water to pass through the impeller vanes. The water gains kinetic energy as it passes through these vanes, and exits the impeller to the diffuser above it. The diffuser, a stationary part, then converts the kinetic energy of water to pressure (head). The water moves similarly through a series of stages depending on the total dynamic head required for the application. Check our Submersible Pump FAQs which provide more detailed information on how they work.

How to install a submersible pump?

The motor in a borewell submersible pumps is filled with anticorrosive liquid from the factory. Ensure the motor is completely filled by topping in pure drinking water through the drain plug until it overflows through the second drain plug. Tighten the drain plugs after filling. Then, the PVC insulated cable need to be properly joined with the cables from the external supply. After ensuring for free rotation, the motor is coupled to the pump, and the pumpset is checked for sufficient play. The pumpset is then dropped into the borewell with a rope tied to the pump delivery casing. Check our Submersible Pump Installation page for more information.

How to maintain a submersible pump?

We have a library of owner manuals of Agriculture, Domestic and Industrial pumps. These detailed manuals are available to download hereShould you need more information or clarification on how to maintain your pump, you can call us toll free on 1800-102-8888 and our technicians would be happy to assist you.

What is the price of a submersible pump? 

Submersible pumps are available for sale through our authorised dealers. You’ll need to go through a product selection process, and they will need to be installed by a qualified technician. You can call us on toll free 1800-102-8888 or use our Find a Dealer tool.  Taro Pumps and our dealers will be most happy to go over your application and needs and select a product that matches your requirement.

Taro Submersible Pumps

Taro Pumps’ product have a power range from 3hp through to 25hp. For more help buying a submersible pump, please see our submersible pump buyers guide.

For further information on how borewell submersible pumps compare against other types of pumps see our comparisons page.

If you need to withdraw water from a borehole or a bore well, we are the leading option. For more information on why Taro Pumps sets the benchmark in the industry, visit our 5 Ticks page. Some common applications of where submersible pumps are used:

  • Irrigation in agriculture
  • Water supply in domestic and residential buildings
  • Industrial applications where the prime water source is a bore well
  • Pressure boosting systems

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