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Sewage Pumps


Sewage Pumps


Sewage pumps are commonly used in India to remove sewage and effluents from a variety of places. Their name comes from the fact they pump waste water or water containing suspended solids. Sewage pumps come in two types; dry surface pumps and submersible pumps.

The Taro Pumps range are Submersible dewatering pumps, non clog sewage pumps and Submersible cutter pumps. For more information about Taro sewage pumps and their uses, see our sewage pump buyers guide.

Primary Uses

Sewage Pumps are used for pumping sewage and waste from:

  • Bungalows & Apartments
  • Public and Industrial Buildings
  • Schools, Collages, Restaurants and Hotels

Additionally, sewage pumps can be used for dewatering of trenches and pits, pumping water from docks, ports and vessels in marine applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered all of the major questions regarding sewage pumps, including on topics of safety, installation, lifespan and much more. Click the link below to view these answers and make better pump choices.


Installation Information

Find out more about the how to install a sewage pump. This page includes step by step guides, images and downloadable content to help you better understand the installation process.

Installation Advice

Sewage Pump Comparisons

We have provided a range of comparisons between sewage pumps and the leading alternatives on the market today. Make a more informed decision regarding your pumps by clicking our link to the comparisons below.


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