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Electric Induction Motors


Electric Induction Motors


Texmo Industries manufactures electric motors ranging from ½ hp to 25 hp (0.37 kw to 18.5 kw) for both single-phase and 3-phase power supply. They come in different frame sizes ranging from 80 mm up to 180 mm with output ratings as specified in IS 1231: 1974. They are manufactured to International Efficiency Norms IE2 and Indian Standards IS 12615: 2011. Of prime importance is the motor winding which conforms to class F and a temperature rise limited to 130 degrees Celsius. The motor can rotate in either direction. Each motor goes through stringent quality checks and 100% of the motors are tested per IS: 325/1996 and IS: 7538/1996. All have the protection requirements of IP44/IP55 as per IS: 4691/1985. All of the pumps from Taro contain these high quality motors.

Primary Uses

  • Domestic use (for Wheat, Gram, daals, baajra grinding machines)
  • Agriculture and Farming machines
  • Wood cutting machines
  • Textile machines

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