Texmo Industries Est. 1956

Texmo Industries History


Mr R. Ramaswamy a few years after his return from England after studying Electrical Engineering at Sheffield University, sets up Texmo Industries to manufacture motors and pumps in a small shed in Coimbatore.


Our first ever dealer is appointed. We have over a 1000 dealers today. These were humble beginnings. We even begin a training program to induct new dealers to our products and customers. Imagine that... way back in 1958!


Our first sales office and warehouse open in Madras (now known as Chennai) and begins operations to sell product and service our customers in the region.


A first in India, we launch two updates to our product line. First, a monoblock pump - a pump that's fitted right onto a motor. Second, was improving motor efficiencies and performance by the addition of fins.


We build two brand new factories that are still in operation today. One factory to build motors and another to build pumps.


We begin to computerise our operations and start to embrace a technology revolution. Can you imagine a world without computers today?


Here’s to our silver jubilee year!


For the first time in India, we introduce a product called an openwell submersible pump which allows for the pump to be submerged into the bottom of an openwell.


A big milestone for engineering design. We start to embrace 2D CAD technology and start to convert all our engineering drawings to 2D CAD.


We bring more products to the market. A line of multi-stage vertical jets, horizontal jets and compressors.


Texmo Industries register the 'Taro' trademark in preparation of the launch of a new line of 6" and 8" borewell submersible pumps.


Texmo Industries introduces a whole new range of 6" and 8" submersible pumps under the Taro brand.


We build and install a brand new facility specifically for Research & Development of new products. This facility allows us to try and test new technologies and process improvements. We also launch a line of 4" borewell submersibles which today is our best selling product in both the agricultural and domestic sectors.


All Texmo Industries plants are certified to ISO 9001, this marks a large step in providing customer confidence that we have a solid and robust quality management system in place.


We are awarded 'India's Best Employer' by the Provident Fund Organisation and we introduce to our customers a new range of 5" and 7" borewell submersible pumps.


Our Golden Jubilee year. We introduce 4" oil filled motors for our borewell submersibles and introduce a new range of slurry pumps for widespread applications.


Enhancements to our Research & Design facilities with software based approach on Electrical Design for motors and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for pumps design.


A range of single phase vertical submersible pumps are brought into production. This allows for submersible pumps for borewells to be installed in domestic applications where only single phase power is available.


We are awarded 'the best private employer for employment of differently abled persons' by Tamil Nadu state government. At this point we employ 50+ differently abled people.


We make a giant leap in hydraulic design for efficiency by starting to use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software custom built to design pumps.


The centinary year of our founder's birth. We build and bring into production a 175,000 sq. ft. facility to manufacture 4" submersible borewell pumps.


A brand new 265,000 sq. ft. factory to manufacture borewell submersibles from 6" to 8" sizes goes into production. We partner with Skillsonics based in Switzerland to start vocational training courses.

2018 - onwards

2018 saw some our biggest changes to date – A refreshed brand identity, new store designs, a new website and an industry-changing in-store customer experience. 2018 marks a truly exciting time here at Taro Pumps.

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