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Quality machinery, processes and materials

We merge advanced technologies with human passion and care, to create outstanding products.


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CNC Machining

We employ over 150 CNC machines to turn and mill components that are used on our products. CNC machining ensures that these intricate components are manufactured to tight tolerances in a repeatable manner.

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Auto Coil Winding

We are the only manufacturer in the country to wind our electric motors on our fully automated winding lines. The quality of our electric motor coils are unmatched in the industry, giving high power outputs and lifespans.

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Automated Foundry

Almost a 100% of our casting components, especially the critical components, are all cast in-house in our fully automated world-class foundry. This gives us complete quality control over the products we create.

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We Are Lean

Every one of our plants are lean. This means we use less resources to make each pump and that results in lower manufacturing costs, which we pass onto our customers, whilst still ensuring the highest quality possible.

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We focus on quality

We have always been obsessed with quality, and we have designed our manufacturing plants to provide this. Every product we make goes through rigorous testing before they are packed and shipped to you.

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ISO 9001 Certified

All our plants and operations are ISO 9001 certified. This means we have an internationally recognised quality management system in place that ensures all of our work is held to the highest standards.

Taro Pumps Product Reviews

We love our product and believe it's the best you could buy, but don't take our word for it. Find out just what our customers think of Taro Pumps here.

Product Reviews

Research and Development

Find out how we research and develop products which continue to innovate and push forward the pump industry in India and across the world.

Research & Development

Materials and Technology

Within our manufacturing plant we make sure we use the best possible materials and the leading technology to deliver you quality. Find out more here.

Materials and Technology

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