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Materials and Technology


Our products use only the best quality materials available. For example, the purity of the copper wire we use is of the highest grade.

What does that mean to you? This means that the performance and durability of the pumpsets you buy from us are of the highest possible order.

We don't ever compromise on materials quality. And we are constantly trying to improve on the materials we use to better the performance and durability of our product.

Taro Pumps Materials


We place emphasis on two aspects of technology. Firstly from a product design perspective and secondly from a manufacturing perspective.

These two aspects need to happen in tandem to realise the best possible result. With years of product design experience and world-class tools and systems utilised, we are able to conceptualise and design great products. Our manufacturing technology and systems help to take these designs into repeatable large scale production.


Taro Pumps Technology

Manufacturing Overview

Within our manufacturing plant we make sure we use the best possible materials and the leading technology to deliver you quality. Find out more here.


Taro Pumps Product Reviews

We love our product and believe it's the best you could buy, but don't take our word for it. Find out just what our customers think of Taro Pumps here.

Product Reviews

Research and Development

Find out how we research and develop products which continue to innovate and push forward the pump industry in India and across the world.

Research & Development

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