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Taro Pumps Reviews

Taro Pumps Customer Gnanasekar

"My only choice for 34 years!"

"My association with Texmo Industries began 34 years ago when I first purchased a coupled pump in 1984. Being a farmer, irrigation is vital for me and this means I MUST have a pump that I can trust totally. My first pump is still running! I rely on experience. Excellence in quality has resulted in a long association with me owning one compressor, three openwell subs, and a borewell sub. Spares are easily available and mechanics find it very easy to service the pumps. For me a pump made by Texmo Industries is the only choice." - Gnanasekar, Pochampalli
Taro Pumps Customer Subramanyam

"Great Customer Service"

"I was using reconditioned/used pumpsets for 6-inch borewell but my maintenance was very high due to frequent pump bowl damage in salty water. I began an online search for a good pump when your dealer visited us and pitched Taro/Texmo products and delivered them at our site with good prices. My relationship with your dealer began and now is on a very good level. Product quality explanation, selection, and recommendation and other privileges like doorstep delivery etc. have made us depend more on Texmo dealer than others." - Subramanyam, Pasarlapudi
Taro Pumps Customer Siddappa


"I see in my neighbour farms, they are repairing their pumps twice in a year and for last 10 years I have done the servicing only 2 times. I see a benefit in Taro Pumps in long term. The components, material, availability of spares, and brand image would make it a worth an investment." - Siddappa Ujjanakoppa, Bailhongal
Taro Pumps Customer Hyd

"Build Quality"

"I had been using a local pumpset with frequent problems and a very high maintenance cost. Therefore when I wanted a replacement, Mr. Palaiah, a very senior mechanic in my village, strongly recommended Taro and I purchased TSM 1 ZR (3-phase 3-hp openwell pump). I am very impressed with the build quality of the pump and the 2-year warranty sealed the deal for me. My experience has been very satisfactory so far." - Hyd, Karimnagar

Taro Pumps Customer Muthukathan

"I only recommend Taro!"

"Within the past 20 years, I have referred more than 60 customers for Taro pumps. I have installed around 40 Taro monoblock and borewell submersibles in Sirukambur area, being a mechanic and an electrician. Low-voltage performance and very robust build quality with easy reparability and easy availability of spares have prompted me to recommend only Taro to my clients. I recommend no other brand since I have had first-hand experience of other brands and Taro." - Muthukathan, Trichy
Taro Pumps Customer Satheshwaran

"Great Customer Service"

"I am a software professional who was working in USA and as such my inclination is toward quality products in all my purchases. I own this farm and also a farm in Coimbatore. I recently purchased a Taro 5-hp 50-stage borewell submersible pump. Two years back I had purchased a domestic pump which is still running. Dealer explanation as regards quality, material of construction, durability, warranty, aftersales service, etc., very clearly helped me choose Taro pump." - Satheshwaran, Batlagundu
Taro Pumps Customer Anantraj

"Low-voltage Performance"

"My earlier pump had frequent breakdowns and stoppages due to low-voltage conditions. On the suggestion of my friends, I installed Taro borewell submersible 4-inch 1.5-hp 20-stage pumpset. I have been happy ever since." - Anantraj, Gadag
Taro Pumps Customer Jagadish

"Build Quality and Resale Value"

"I bought a 3-phase 10-hp monoblock Taro pump 15 years back. Very consistent and hassle-free performance under two-phase and low-voltage conditions and very easy reparability has vindicated my decision. What has surprised me since then is the high resale value of used Taro pumps as compared to other brands, especially if the pump has company’s original winding is intact." - Jagadish Adaki, Bailhongal
Taro Pumps Customer Lingamsetty

"Mechanic Recommended"

"On my mechanic’s recommendation, I purchased a mini monobloc for my house a few years back. Since then my Taro pump has been functioning smoothly with zero maintenance costs. For my recent requirement, I purchased a 4-inch 1-hp 10-stage Taro borewell submersible pump for residential use. I am well aware as I was then of Taro brand name since this is very well known for very many years throughout the country. I have strongly recommended Texmo/Taro pumps to all my friends and relations and will continue to do so." - Lingamsetty, Undavalli
Taro Pumps Customer Prakash

"High quality materials and trouble-free"

"I wanted a pump that would give me trouble-free performance since other brand pumps in my area were having frequent problems. Friend recommended Taro pumps had very high quality motor winding, shielded bearings, cast iron body, etc. I bought Taro one year back and it has been “Totally Trouble-free!” ever since." - Prakash, Pochampalli

Taro Pumps Customer Thirumeni

"Trouble-free Experience"

"I have purchased and installed five Taro borewell submersible pumps for my domestic buildings within Batlagundu. Four of them are 2-hp and the recent one is 3-hp. I have had a no-headache experience with Taro and will continue with Taro for my future requirements. Moreover, the mechanics here too strongly recommend Taro for its trouble-free running and easy-to-repair qualities as well as easy availability of spares and service." - Thirumeni, Batlagundu
Taro Pumps Customer Parappa

"Performance and Service"

"My field conditions were unique; Two Phase Power, Lift Irrigation scheme, Low Voltage power supply (340V) and no service facility by any branded pump manufacturer. In such situations, Taro pump has not only performed better than my neighbouring fields but the service provided by dealer from installation to troubleshooting also a reason of me being a satisfied customer." - Parappa Huchhagoudar, Bailhongal
Taro Pumps Customer Gurushant

"Service and Quality"

"My decision to buy Taro Pump was based on service and quality of the components. I have confirmed the availability of spares and after sales service before making the purchase. Even if I want to re-sale the pump, there is a good demand and price for the same." - Gurushant B Pakkirannavar, Bailhongal
Taro Pumps Customer Velu

"Great Warranty"

"When other pump manufacturers are giving warranty against manufacturing defects only, Taro is the only pump that considers Field conditions in the 2-year Warranty." - Velu, Kamakudapatti village
Taro Pumps Customer Periasamy

"Performance and Quality"

"I recently bought a 4-inch 5-hp 37-stage Taro borewell submersible pump for agricultural use. I have two more Taro pumps that have been performing very well. I have one more pump of another leading brand but this pump does not run under low-voltage conditions but my Taro pumps all of them do. Further, I am very impressed with the quality and the durability of Taro pumps." - Periasamy, Pochampalli
Taro Pumps Customer Shanmugam

"Trouble-free Experience"

"Fifteen years ago, I found that my neighbour had been using Taro pump in his fields and that it was delivering a trouble-free performance. I too decided to go for Taro and installed one in my farm. It has been trouble-free for the past 15 years. I recommend Taro to all my friends due to its trouble-free performance and long life." - Shanmugam, Vathila Valasu
Taro Pumps Customer Mallappa

"Taro uses high quality materials"

"My main reason to buy Taro was that it had copper rotor. Further, I also came to know that service of the company was very good. I own a 3-hp 30-stage borewell submersible for my farm." - Mallappa, Taluk
Taro Pumps Customer Narayan


"I have been using a Taro 3-phase 10-hp monoblock since 19 years. Wall painting and mechanic recommendation influenced my decision. I am pleased with the quality of cast iron construction. I am pleased with its performance under two-phase and low-voltage conditions. I am impressed with its 2-year warranty and easy availability of spares and service." - Narayan Rao Nalawade, Bailhongal
Taro Pumps Customer Krishnaraj

“Family connections!”

"I have completed BE ECE degree. My father’s name is Kumaraswamy. He has been a farmer for 15 years. From my father’s time, we have been using only Taro Pumps. And we have been using these pumps because the discharge level of water is very good. Second reason is service. They give a 2-year warranty. And if there is free service, then I avail that also. We are using four openwell submersible pumps. Even in these openwell pumps, we get good levels of water discharge. Taro Pumps supports us well in our farming work. We have around 40 acres of farmland and around 35 acres of this land are being looked after by eight pumps.” - Krishnaraj, Dharapuram

Taro Pumps Customer Muruganathan

“Showroom for dealers”

"We have taken the Texmo Industries dealership in Dharapuram town. It has been 43 years since we did this. We are doing good business right now. In our company, we are always one step ahead. We also take very original and innovative steps. The company made a showroom for us three years ago. Ever since the showroom was made, it has been very convenient to do our work. We have kept the products on display here and the customers come and touch & feel the product they are interested in and select accordingly. Furthermore, it is very easy for us to talk more about the products by selecting them online."Muruganathan, Dharapuram

Taro Pumps Customer Palanisamy

“Trust-worthy service”

"Texmo Industries and their Taro Motors are being used everywhere. Mainly because they are very cost-effective. I have a total of 7 borewells & 6 openwell submersible pumps on my farm. And even in this space, the costs are not high, & the risks are low. That’s why I prefer Taro Pumps.

When they opened a service centre in Dharapuram, our dealer Chellakumar Electricals manages the service very well. When I bought my pumps from them, they informed me about the availability of 2-year warranty & full-service support. They give full training on how to operate the motors also.

Once, an openwell submersible developed a problem because of my oversight. I asked the service centre to take a look and they did so promptly. They took the motor at 9 o’clock in the morning and returned it at 5 o’clock, the same day.

This really helps farmers like me. Taro Pumps is a trust-worthy brand especially for small farmers who need trouble-free products & service." - Palanisamy, Dharapuram

Taro Pumps Customer K.Kalimuthu

“Almost an entire village!”

"We have been farmers since my father’s time. When there was a drought in 1990, we changed from openwell sub to borewell. To take water from the ground, we installed Taro Pumps. The technicians came from the company and did all the necessary works to ensure good amount of water discharge and hence we installed it. And after me, due to drought conditions, everybody installed the same.

Taro Pumps also conducted a meeting with all of us in Alampalayam. The company displayed the motors and gave us knowledge on maintenance & power savings. The session was very useful to us. Nearly 250 of us do farming in this village. And almost all of us attended the meeting. And the team from Taro Pumps gave all the information.

Taro company also supplies pumps quickly along with better service. They always keep us informed on new technology. The water discharge is as per their promise also. This is helping us do our farming." - K.Kalimuthu, Udumalaipettai

Taro Pumps Customer Vasantharaj

“A happy Taro Certified Technician”

I have proudly worked with the authorised dealer for Texmo Industries at K Rangappa in Hospet & Kampli for the past 25 years. With a total of 27 years of experience in pump set installation, winding, and customer handling, I am delighted to express my satisfaction with Taro Pumps.

As a dedicated Taro Certified Technician, I successfully completed the online training program and had the privilege of visiting all Taro Pumps factories. This experience was truly enriching. The facilities at all Texmo Industries plants are not only well-equipped but also meticulously maintained. The manufacturing of spare parts is impeccable in terms of size, quality, and durability. Every aspect undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring a high standard that directly benefits our valued customers.

I commend Texmo Industries for its commitment to addressing the needs of the farming community. The organization has also paved the way for new opportunities for women by employing them in the winding section.

Recently, I installed the Taro installation app in my mobile, and thus far, I have completed sixteen product installation entries. I am genuinely pleased with my experience working with Taro Pumps.” - Vasantharaj Kahale, Kampli

Taro Pumps Dealer Jayant

“Brand reputation”

"I was given lots of information when I visited Coimbatore before becoming a Taro Pumps dealer in Bijaynagar, Jaipur Sales Office. I was even shown the operations of Texmo Industries from the furnace to finished goods. We also got an idea of the versatility of the Taro Pumps brand. It was good to know about the supply management system, a unique system in India. For me, Texmo Industries is an Indian brand which is best not only here, but in the world. They make products of the best quality today and are thinking of ten years ahead too. And if you associate with this brand, you may not see a better brand anywhere in the world.Jayant, Dealer, Jaipur Sales Office

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