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5" Submersible Pumps


5" Submersible pumps have cast steel impellers, bronze diffusers and cast iron diffuser housings. These pumps are driven by AC motors that have induction brazed copper rotor for better efficiency. 5” pumps are most suitable for old bore wells, where the metal casing in the borewell is worn or damaged due to corrosion, which reduces the effective available diameter of the bore. 

These pumps can also be used for high rise commercial and residential buildings, where in the 4” submersible pumps do not meet the flow requirements.

5" submersible pumps are primarily Radial flow type.

They are suitable for pumping water up to a head of 282 m with a max discharge capacity up to 270 lpm.

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HP Range
3 - 10 HP
Flow Range
1.0 – 4.5
Head Range
23 - 282 MTRS
2880 RPM
320 - 440 Volts

16 Models Available

We have over 16 5" Agricultural Submersible Pump models available. Speak to our team or a local dealer using the methods below:

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