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People in Agriculture

Posted On 07/05/2022 in People in Agriculture , Seeds

People in Agriculture - Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva's work in seed freedom, bioethics, climate security and women’s empowerment has made her a powerhouse and a powerful voice in the domain of agriculture and allied fields not just in India but all over the world as well.

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Posted On 19/01/2022 in People in Agriculture

Rural Entrepreneurship in Indian Agriculture

One of the most important personality traits of an entrepreneur is their drive to ‘do’ things and therefore, they will find every possible opportunity and means to face challenges and achieve their goals. This optimism is perhaps one of the common traits an entrepreneur shares with a farmer. For most farmers, agriculture is not just a job - they till the earth with the hope that it will be bountiful in more ways than one.

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Posted On 26/11/2021 in People in Agriculture

Women in Farming

Women farmers have roared into the spotlight recently because of their role in the farmers protests but, they have had a huge role to play even before this event. And yet, women farmers have a long way to go to break the cloak of invisibility that seems to surround their work in Indian farms. So, what is the situation now? Is it changing?

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Posted On 15/06/2021 in People in Agriculture

Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture

One of the challenges that a career woman faces is the glass ceiling. So, isn’t it wonderful to come across real-life stories of women who have simply powered through this barrier? Examples in corporate / government / military life are a-plenty, but what about the agriculture sector? What are the daughters of the soil doing in this realm?

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Posted On 08/06/2021 in People in Agriculture

The Rise and Rise of the Agripreneur

Entrepreneurs play an important role in almost any economy / sector / field. Whether it is technology, manufacturing, finance and even agriculture.

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