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Agriculture Services

A moneys pouch in a palm with a field as background

Posted On 28/07/2022 in Agriculture Services

Agricultural Subsidies in India

Different kinds of agricultural subsidies in India and the future scenario. Delivery of subsidies to the farmers is critical.

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Sapling with a green water droplet background

Posted On 22/07/2022 in Agriculture Services

Agriculture Insurance in India

Insurance is one of the tools of protecting life, business, possessions and so on. It is useful to think of it as an important element in your risk management strategy. Therefore, it makes sense for farmers to think of insurance for their way of life too and take crop insurance very seriously.

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Farmers in a Field

Posted On 13/06/2022 in Agriculture Services

Agricultural Cooperatives in India

In the Indian agriculture domain, cooperatives first made their appearance in the late 19th century when it was felt that farmers needed more support and also, relief from moneylenders.

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Posted On 05/04/2022 in Agriculture Services

Risk Management in Agriculture

A farmer is an optimist - they know all the risks involved in agriculture and yet, approach this job with hard work, determination and perseverance.

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Posted On 22/12/2021 in Agriculture Services

Allied to Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the primary contributors to the Indian economy. Along with its allied sectors, agriculture is estimated to contribute 21.82% of gross added value. It is also interesting to note that though India’s agriculture sector contributes only around 14% of the country’s GDP, it accounts for 42% employment. And finally, the global average for agricultural contribution is 6.4%, making Indian agriculture a higher contributor by that standard.

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