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Climate & Weather

Hand holding a smartphone showing trading of carbon credits

Posted On 24/06/2024 in Climate & Weather

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits in agriculture help farmers & producers earn credits for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. These credits can then be sold on carbon markets, providing financial incentives for sustainable agricultural practices that help combat climate change.

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A dry field during very hot summer

Posted On 27/05/2024 in Climate & Weather

Drought and Agriculture

Agricultural drought can lead to economic losses due to decreased crop productivity & increased costs for irrigation. It can also have broader implications on food security. Water-saving techniques can help mitigate drought.

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Sugarcane field

Posted On 15/01/2024 in Climate & Weather

Agroclimatic Zones of India

An agro-climatic zone is like a community of plants! Each community does things based on their environmental factors. They create ways that help them thrive & that is how an agro-climatic zone works – a community that helps plants.

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Rainfall in a field

Posted On 28/07/2023 in Climate & Weather

Rainfed Farming In India

Rainfed farming refers to agriculture that relies solely on rainfall for irrigation, as opposed to irrigation systems that depend on artificial sources of water. Various challenges in rainfed farming are being addressed by multiple methods.

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Earth map on a cloudy green forest background

Posted On 29/01/2023 in Climate & Weather

Climate Change and Agriculture

Almost every aspect of life, including agriculture, is feeling the impact of climate change. Agriculture is said to contribute to GHGs & climate change. And coming full circle, climate change has affected agriculture in many ways as well.

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