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Wheat crops

Posted On 26/10/2022 in Crops

Wheat Production in India

Wheat is one of the main cereal crops in India along with rice, maize, & paddy. India is one of the largest exporters & producers of cereal crops in the world. Our country’s ability to produce cereals has put it in 2nd position, globally.

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Farmer with vegetables in a market

Posted On 19/10/2022 in Crops

Vegetables and India

India has a great combination of arable land and multiple climatic zones. This unique combination supports the cultivation of multiple types and substantial numbers of vegetables.

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A cup of tea beside a kettle

Posted On 05/10/2022 in Crops

GI Tagging in Indian Agriculture

GI tags for agricultural products and foodstuff are a mark of global acceptance as well. From Darjeeling Tea to Nashik Grapes, India has plenty of GI tagged produce to offer.

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Posted On 21/09/2022 in Crops

Cotton Production in India

India accounts for 37% of the global area under cotton cultivation. As one of the main producers of cotton, India has placed itself firmly on the world map, at least until 2030.

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Farmers loading grass onto a tractor

Posted On 01/09/2022 in Climate & Weather , Crops

Cropping Seasons in India

Every crop has its own distinct processes of planting, harvesting, and processing. Broadly speaking, crops can also be differentiated according to season. And in India, there are three main cropping seasons: Kharif, Rabi and Zaid.

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