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Posted On 10/05/2022 in Sustainability

Crops and Clothes

The interest in plant based clothing has led to a movement called ‘farm to fashion’ and being a part of the farming sector, we thought it pertinent to look at what is happening here!

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Posted On 02/02/2022 in Pest Management , Sustainability

Ecological Engineering and Agriculture

According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Entomology, insect pests on an average cause up to 20% yield loss in the main crops. There are many approaches to pest management and ecological engineering is one of them.

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Posted On 26/01/2022 in Farming Types , Sustainability

Natural Farming in India

When Masanobu Fukuoka wrote his book, The One-Straw Revolution way back in 1975, little did he know that the world would go back to natural farming in such a significant way. This book went beyond agriculture and looked at a more holistic picture and key components such as the following became associated with natural farming.

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Posted On 12/11/2021 in Farming Types , Sustainability


Agriculture has developed, transformed and expanded in multifarious ways. Some of these changes have helped sustain different kinds of practices for decades and some of these changes are new. One such fairly new change has been the advent and growth of agroforestry.

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Posted On 22/10/2021 in Farming Types , Sustainability

Permaculture Farming

In almost every walk of life, principles such as sustainability, holism and eco-friendliness are inspiring people to make big changes in lifestyle. The agriculture sector, in quite a few ways, has embraced these tenets in more ways than one.

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