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Posted On 19/06/2022 in Nutrients & Fertilizers , Technology

Nano-tech Fertiliser

Nano-tech fertiliser is the method in which all necessary nutrients for the crop are packed into a nano-sized ‘container’ and delivered to the roots. The underlying principle of nano-tech fertiliser is both, the size and targeted delivery.

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Posted On 01/06/2022 in Technology

AgriStack and Indian Agriculture

April of 2021 saw the government of India signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft Corporation. This MoU is about harnessing Microsoft’s tech prowess in cloud computing to create a Unified Farmer Service Interface.

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Posted On 04/05/2022 in Technology

What are Drones Doing in Agriculture?

An agriculture drone or ag drone can cover acres and acres of fields in no time at all. Depending on the size and flight capability of the ag drone, it can quickly encompass large tracts of land and provide the farmer with real-time data and they can make more effective decisions.

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Posted On 02/03/2022 in Technology

Digital Mandi for India’s Farmers

Technology is playing an increasing role in Indian agriculture. Mobile apps, GPS support and smart machines are just some of the ways in which farmers are finding support. One of the ways in which the digitalisation of agriculture is making a difference is the digital mandi.

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Posted On 05/11/2021 in Farming Types , Technology

Precision Farming

Agriculture land management is a complex system and even the most experienced farmers have to constantly deal with different factors when it comes to decision-making. This decision-making process has been made significantly easier with the advent of technology in farming.

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