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Solar panels in fields

Posted On 18/08/2023 in Solar power

Agrivoltaics In India

Agrivoltaics, or agrophotovoltaics, or dual use solar, is a practice where land is used to for crops & solar panel installations. It has demonstrated multiple advantages. The need of the hour is a sustainable and practical working model.

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Diagrammatic presentation of a field being ploughed by bullock carts

Posted On 11/08/2023 in Agriculture Services

Agricultural Museums

Along with architecture, natural history, culture, & science, agriculture is one of the biggest categories when it comes to museums. An agricultural museum plays a vital role of preserving agricultural heritage, in multiple forms and ways.

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Sapling placed on a digital chip

Posted On 04/08/2023 in Technology , Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Technology Helps Us Soar

As a manufacturing company, technology helps us make continuous improvements and stay on course in our mission to supply the best products to our customers. We also have the right people who have the best ways to harness this technology.

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Rainfall in a field

Posted On 28/07/2023 in Climate & Weather

Rainfed Farming In India

Rainfed farming refers to agriculture that relies solely on rainfall for irrigation, as opposed to irrigation systems that depend on artificial sources of water. Various challenges in rainfed farming are being addressed by multiple methods.

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Aerial view of a farm connected by networks

Posted On 21/07/2023 in Technology

Blockchain And Agriculture

Blockchain technology can support data generation across multiple stages & multiple ways. Stages such as monitoring soil & crops, supply chain, distribution, warehousing, retail outlets or marketing channels lend themselves to blockchain.

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