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Open Well Pump Buyers Guide

Open Well submersible pumps are a popular type of water pump used in India. They gain their name due to the fact they are installed in an open well and are fully submerged in water and pump water to the surface via their hermetically sealed motor.

In this guide you will find:

  • What are Open well pumps used for.
  • What is the right Open Well pump for you.
  • Is an Open Well pump the right option.
  • Installation information.

What are Open Well Pumps used for?

Open Well submersible pumps are used mostly for the following applications

  • Water supplies (such as domestic and community)
  • Irrigation for agriculture (Such as flood and sprinkler)
  • Cooling water circulating systems
  • Industrial water supplies

What Open Well Submersible Pump do I need?

The key element in deciding what kind of Open Well pump you will need will be to first decide what the purpose of use will be, should that be domestic, agricultural or industrial. Once this has been defined, you will know more about the volume and power requirements you will need.


If you are looking for a domestic Open Well submersible pump, then you are most likely to be needing to pump sewage water, or aid the general drainage of your home, such as in the basement/cellar.

In instances such as these, the power or output you will require is usually up to 2hp. Example products would be SSM 7025, TSSM 7025 P, SVSM 1507 P.


If you work in the agricultural industry, then irrigation will be the most likely use for your Open Well pump. Other uses would be to pump a slurry ( usually a thin sloppy mud).

Power requirements can depend on the amount of irrigation water you need, though usually ranges from 2hp to 20hp. Example products would be TSM 31 FZ DOL, TSM 31 ZRF DOL, TVSM 2503 S DOL, TVSM 2503 RC DOL, SSM 1565.


If you have an industrial use for a submersible pump, you will be looking to remove things such as chemicals, petrol, wastewater slurry or other sludge like substances.

Depending on the viscosity (thickness) of the substance you are looking for, example products would be TSM 31 FZ DOL, TSM 31 ZRF DOL, TVSM 2503 S DOL.

For an exact match on the pump for your requirements, use a pump calculator like the one we have here.

When is a Submersible Pump not right for me?

If the suction head is less than 20 feet from the pump, then you might want to consider using a centrifugal Monoblock pump. Otherwise the likelihood is that you will require a different kind of Open Well pump, such as a vertical Open Well Pump. See more on these pumps below:

Installation Information

Once you have made your purchase of an Open Well pump, you may need help installing it.

Where possible you should have your pump installed by a trained engineer, this is usually organised via your local dealer. You can find your nearest one here.

For reference purposes we have made a guide which includes a step by step guide and video, which makes the process clear and simple. Click this link to head over and find out more.