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Farming Types

Farm land

Posted On 23/11/2022 in Farming Types

Subsistence Farming in India

Subsistence farming is on the other end of the spectrum from commercial farming. Sometimes known as family farming, subsistence farming is where the farmer cultivates a field that supports their personal or family’s needs.

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Women farmers working in a field

Posted On 16/06/2022 in Farming Types , People in Agriculture , Sustainability

Zero Budget Natural Farming in India

Padma Shri Subhash Palekar drew from ancient Indian texts, forest ecosystems and a formal degree in agriculture to develop and propagate ZBNF in the 1990s. This system relies on traditional practices to produce crops devoid of chemical inputs and in effect, revert to the pre-Green Revolution period of farming.

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Farmers carrying baskets of harvest on their heads at sunset

Posted On 16/05/2022 in Farming Types

Group Farming

Group farming or community farming is one of the best representations of how farming brings people together and creates food security. Farmers mostly use sustainable methods of growing crops on small pieces of land. It is about local food production rather than producing commercial crops.

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A green field

Posted On 01/05/2022 in Crops , Farming Types

Canopy Management

A tree’s canopy is, as the term implies, the topmost portion which spreads horizontally. This growth impacts the amount of sunlight that filters down to the roots and the rest of the tree. Each fruit tree has its own canopy management system.

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Stalk of yellow flowers

Posted On 26/01/2022 in Farming Types , Sustainability

Natural Farming in India

When Masanobu Fukuoka wrote his book, The One-Straw Revolution way back in 1975, little did he know that the world would go back to natural farming in such a significant way. This book went beyond agriculture and looked at a more holistic picture and key components such as the following became associated with natural farming.

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