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Organic farming

Farmers hand holding soil to check quality

Posted On 25/03/2024 in Organic farming , Sustainability

Natural Farming

Natural farming helps counteract low productivity due to depleted soil, climate change, disruptions in infrastructure etc. Natural farming gives farmers the opportunity to be climate-resilient & produce healthier food.

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Several palms cradling a green Earth model

Posted On 26/05/2023 in Organic farming

Bioagriculture – An Ecological Model Of Agriculture

Bioagriculture is said to lie in between conventional agriculture & organic farming. At the core is ecological sustainability. There needs to be an investment of thought, energy, and time for farmers to understand how to work with Nature.

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Aerial view of farm land

Posted On 24/06/2022 in Organic farming

Regenerative Farming in India

Regenerative farming is often used as an umbrella term for different ways in which farmers can help protect and increase biodiversity, improve soil fertility and health, regenerate topsoil, biological sequestration and collect and conserve seeds.

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