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Hands preparing paste in mortar and pestle next to several herbs

Posted On 08/04/2024 in Crops

Medicinal Herbs Farming

India has several medical ethnobotany profiles. Mountain regions, Gangetic plains, & forests produce plants of high medicinal value. According to the Botanical Survey of India, India is home to more than 8,000 species of medicinal plants.

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Plastic cups containing different types of seeds in a laboratory

Posted On 08/02/2023 in Crops

Hybrid Seeds and Crops

Hybrid seeds are found in modern agriculture. ICAR is working on maize, pearl millet, rice, sorghum, & castor. Experts make a case for hybrids because of better yields, higher resistance to pests, and can meet ever-increasing demand.

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Increasing piles of coins topped with plant saplings

Posted On 05/02/2023 in Crops

Cash Crops of India

Agriculture contributes to around 18% GDP of India. India grows and exports various kinds of cash crops such as jute, cotton, tea, rice and so on. Sugarcane is a major cash crop in India, along with many others.

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Wheat crops

Posted On 26/10/2022 in Crops

Wheat Production in India

Wheat is one of the main cereal crops in India along with rice, maize, & paddy. India is one of the largest exporters & producers of cereal crops in the world. Our country’s ability to produce cereals has put it in 2nd position, globally.

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Farmer with vegetables in a market

Posted On 19/10/2022 in Crops

Vegetables and India

India has a great combination of arable land and multiple climatic zones. This unique combination supports the cultivation of multiple types and substantial numbers of vegetables.

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