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Logistics & Supply Chain

Fresh local produce displayed in baskets

Posted On 22/09/2023 in Logistics & Supply Chain , Sustainability

How Long Does Your Food Travel?

Factors that contribute to food miles are: advancements in food processing, packaging technology, growth in food trade, and changes in consumption. More the distance the food travels, the greater the impact it leaves on the world at large.

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Freight train in a field

Posted On 26/08/2022 in Logistics & Supply Chain

India's Agri Export Scenario

India's farmers have contributed consistently to the economic development of the country. Even during the pandemic, Indian agriculture was the one positive aspect showing a 20% contribution to the gross domestic product. This growth was seen in the exports sector as well.

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Conveyors transporting sacks of grain into trucks

Posted On 16/07/2022 in Logistics & Supply Chain

India's Agricultural Exports

Exports play a huge role in national development. They are one of the indicators of a country’s growth. Factors such as various agriculture policies, programmes and even the new opportunities offered by the pandemic saw India’s agricultural exports growing nicely.

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Trains and railway tracks

Posted On 22/04/2022 in Logistics & Supply Chain

Kisan Rail

India has the fourth-largest rail network in the world and in the year 2020 alone, this network ferried 1.2 billion tonnes of freight. Indian Railways began the specialised Kisan Rail services to support farmers with the movement of produce.

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