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Solar power

Solar panels in fields

Posted On 18/08/2023 in Solar power

Agrivoltaics In India

Agrivoltaics, or agrophotovoltaics, or dual use solar, is a practice where land is used to for crops & solar panel installations. It has demonstrated multiple advantages. The need of the hour is a sustainable and practical working model.

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A shrub with carbon dioxide symbol

Posted On 02/11/2022 in Climate & Weather , Solar power , Sustainability

Carbon Policy & Agriculture

The goal is to make Indian agriculture a climate-positive sector and part of the solution when it comes to carbon policy. It is heartening to note that solutions and programs have been started at multiple levels.

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Solar panel fence around a greenhouse

Posted On 15/12/2021 in Solar power

Solar Power and Agriculture

Isn't it interesting to know that the energy consumption of the entire world for a year can be handled by the sunlight that hits Earth for just under 2 hours? Small wonder then that solar power is being harnessed by households, industries, various kinds of commercial enterprises and even agriculture.

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