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Scientist doing tests in a field

Posted On 20/10/2023 in Technology

Agricultural Science – How Does It Help?

Agricultural science brings together researchers, academicians, scientists, farmers, & entomologists, & others to reinforce agricultural practices with better understanding of soil management, pest control, and resource management too.

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Sapling placed on a digital chip

Posted On 04/08/2023 in Better, By , Technology , Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Technology Helps Us Soar

As a manufacturing company, technology helps us make continuous improvements and stay on course in our mission to supply the best products to our customers. We also have the right people who have the best ways to harness this technology.

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Aerial view of a farm connected by networks

Posted On 21/07/2023 in Technology

Blockchain And Agriculture

Blockchain technology can support data generation across multiple stages & multiple ways. Stages such as monitoring soil & crops, supply chain, distribution, warehousing, retail outlets or marketing channels lend themselves to blockchain.

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Crystal representation of a sapling

Posted On 04/11/2022 in Better, By , Technology , Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Technology, Techniques, And Taro Pumps

There is an underlying relationship between our people and the tech we deploy. Understanding this philosophy has helped us look at technology to help employees work better so that our customers get better products & services.

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Posted On 25/07/2022 in Technology

Big Tech in Indian Agriculture

Technological inputs have gained huge traction in the Indian agriculture space. Mobile apps, smart equipment, access to real time weather information and many other technologies are changing the way farmers till the soil.

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