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Soil & Water

People in a farm

Posted On 08/08/2022 in Soil & Water , Sustainability

Agronomy in India

Agronomy looks at agriculture from a holistic perspective which includes environmental factors, innovation, conservation of soil health and climate change etc.

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Spade of soil

Posted On 28/05/2022 in Soil & Water , Sustainability

Vermitechnology in Agriculture

Vermitechnology, consisting of vermicomposting works in a very simple way - earthworms; nature’s best ploughers; are used to convert agriculture or waste material into something more valuable - an alternative to chemical fertilisers.

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Rows of saplings in a field

Posted On 13/05/2022 in Soil & Water

Fertigation in Indian Agriculture

Fertigation is nothing but the use of a drip irrigation system to deliver fertilisers as well. In fact, drip irrigation can also be used in multiple ways and terms such as ‘chemigation’ and ‘nutrigation’ have also become common these days.

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Wet waste next to a sapling

Posted On 25/04/2022 in Nutrients & Fertilizers , Soil & Water


Fertilizers are one of the ways in which a farmer can improve soil productivity and today, there is a shift from chemical-based fertilizers to natural options. This is where biofertilizers play a big role.

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Water droplets falling on saplings

Posted On 16/02/2022 in Soil & Water

Micro Irrigation

There are different kinds of irrigation methods when it comes to agriculture. Broadly speaking, farmers use systems such as the following: Sprinklers, Subsurface irrigation, Drip or trickle system and Hose-end method too.

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