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Cotton tree bud

Posted On 14/07/2020 in Crops

Cotton: From Seed to Crop

Cotton, undoubtedly, is a crop that is widely known as ‘king of fibre.’ This white gold contributes around 14 per cent of the total industrial production, generates around 8 per cent of central excise revenue and amounts to around 3 per cent of the national GDP.

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Field of cotton plants

Posted On 14/07/2020 in Crops

White Gold: Mapping Cotton Around the World

Cotton belongs to the genus Gossypium and traces its origins back to at least 7,000 years ago. From unearthing cotton strands in cotton beads in excavation cites in Mehrgarh. The presence of cotton fabric was also discovered in caves in the region of Tehucaun, Mexico. It is estimated that the crop was domesticated in Mexico between 5000 BC and 3000 BC.

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