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Posted On 14/07/2023 in Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Kaizen and Us

Texmo Industries uses Continuous improvement to refine products, services & processes. Even a 1% improvement leads to substantial value over time. Continuous Improvement is one of the most important contributors to business sustainability.

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Posted On 07/07/2023 in Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Taro Pumps – Brand And Rebrand

The result of our rebranding strategy has been wonderful! Mechanics recommend Taro Pumps to customers. And customers recognise our brand name and associate it with trouble-free products supported by authentic support and information.

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Posted On 23/06/2023 in Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Premium, Power, Prime Product Placements

We offer service support for all pumps, Premium / Power / Prime product you buy. Aspects such as a 2-year worry-free warranty, 48-hour turnaround, and 15-year spare parts availability should set your mind at ease when you go with Taro.

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Taro Pumps manager conducting technician programme

Posted On 16/06/2023 in Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

TCT – Taro Certified Technician

A good technician is invaluable to a customer too. This is why we strive to equip technicians with information on our manufacturing process, quality of pumps, and technical knowledge with the Taro Certified Technician programme.

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Posted On 09/06/2023 in Texmo Industries & Taro Pumps

Visit Us – We Are ‘Open’ 24 x 7

As with our products, the design of the new website took a lot of thought. Traditional manufacturing companies must be interesting in the online space! So, whether it is our social media or our website, design rules the day, every day.

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