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Aerial view of a field and houses

Posted On 10/07/2022 in Technology

Geospatial Tech & Indian Agriculture

One of the most well-known applications of geospatial technology is in precision agriculture. A farmer can use data to identify field variability and make informed decisions on the application of nutrients and quantities of water. Along with other solutions, geospatial tech is doing its bit as well to help in sustainability and better crop management.

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Farmer in a field

Posted On 04/07/2022 in Technology

Farming as a Service

Technology has made it possible for sellers to deliver almost anything ‘as a service’ over a network. This is very different from the traditional model of delivering products on location. It stands to reason, therefore, to talk about FaaS or Farming as a Service and how it is changing things in the Indian agriculture sector as well.

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Factory with gases being emitted near a field

Posted On 01/07/2022 in Technology

Nuclear Tech in Agriculture

You can associate nuclear technology with space exploration, energy, criminal investigations and even the field of medicine. But, would you associate it with actual ‘fields’, as in farming? Nuclear tech is, indubitably, a sophisticated science and only a strategic partnership between farmers, scientists and academic bodies can bring about positive developments.

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Image of molecular models

Posted On 19/06/2022 in Nutrients & Fertilizers , Technology

Nano-Tech Fertiliser

Nano-tech fertiliser is the method in which all necessary nutrients for the crop are packed into a nano-sized ‘container’ and delivered to the roots. The underlying principle of nano-tech fertiliser is both, the size and targeted delivery.

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Chemical symbols on a green field background

Posted On 01/06/2022 in Technology

AgriStack and Indian Agriculture

April of 2021 saw the government of India signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft Corporation. This MoU is about harnessing Microsoft’s tech prowess in cloud computing to create a Unified Farmer Service Interface.

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