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A bowl of tricolored rice matching the Indian flag

Posted On 28/04/2022 in Crops

Heritage Rice India

Rice is part of almost every Indian’s diet and it is rather interesting to note that the country is now exploring heritage or traditional varieties of rice.

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Field of corn

Posted On 13/04/2022 in Crops

Heirloom Crops

There are many debates around heirloom crops - age of cultivar, ‘ownership’ of the cultivar and even the use of the description, ‘commercial cultivars’. There is, however, one major point of agreement within these debates and that is open pollination.

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Field of millets

Posted On 10/04/2022 in Crops

International Year of Millets

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared the year 2023 as the International Year of Millets. India sponsored this resolution and it has since then been supported by more than 70 countries. Who knew that the tiny millets can make such a phenomenal change in the way the world eats and becomes healthier.

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A field of crops

Posted On 05/01/2022 in Crops

What Does India Grow - Major Crops

The story of Indian agriculture finds mention even in Vedic texts. India has witnessed phenomenal changes since then in the way it grows crops. Today, India ranks among the top few countries in various aspects related to agriculture.

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Saplings with chemicals symbols in honeycomb design at the top

Posted On 03/08/2021 in Crops

Genetically Modified Crops

Modifying something that exists naturally has been made possible mainly due to advancements in science and technology. The agriculture sector has seen such ‘tweaking’ come to the fore by way of genetically modified crops or GM crops.

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