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Farming Types

Hands holding a sapling

Posted On 22/10/2021 in Farming Types , Sustainability

Permaculture Farming

In almost every walk of life, principles such as sustainability, holism and eco-friendliness are inspiring people to make big changes in lifestyle. The agriculture sector, in quite a few ways, has embraced these tenets in more ways than one.

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Hand holding a glass globe of earth with a sapling

Posted On 23/07/2021 in Farming Types , Sustainability

Sustainable Agriculture

The word ‘sustainable’ has multiple definitions and can be placed in multiple contexts as well. Today’s world, filled with multiple challenges, has started talking about sustainability in a wonderful way. Simply put, sustainability is all about helping our home (Planet Earth) continue in its ability to support life.

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A table with vegetables

Posted On 01/04/2021 in Farming Types

How to (and why) Start an Organic Farm?

With more and more people looking for healthier options when it comes to the food they eat, it does make sense to invest time & energy into healthier farming practices. And one such practice or system is organic farming.

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A green field

Posted On 06/04/2020 in Farming Types , People in Agriculture , Sustainability

One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka

Masanobu Fukuoka was 25 years old when he found his calling: he believed that a system of natural farming could bring great benefit to the world. When we read One Straw Revolution, we could draw parallels between the lives of Masanobu Fukuoka and our founder, Mr. R. Ramaswamy. Both of them were committed to making a difference to the world.

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