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Posted On 26/01/2022 in Agriculture

Natural Farming in India

When Masanobu Fukuoka wrote his book, The One-Straw Revolution way back in 1975, little did he know that the world would go back to natural farming in such a significant way. This book went beyond agriculture and looked at a more holistic picture and key components such as the following became associated with natural farming.

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Posted On 05/01/2022 in Agriculture , Crops

What does India grow - major crops

The story of Indian agriculture finds mention even in Vedic texts. India has witnessed phenomenal changes since then in the way it grows crops. Today, India ranks among the top few countries in various aspects related to agriculture.

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Posted On 22/12/2021 in Agriculture , Farming

Allied to Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the primary contributors to the Indian economy. Along with its allied sectors, agriculture is estimated to contribute 21.82% of gross added value. It is also interesting to note that though India’s agriculture sector contributes only around 14% of the country’s GDP, it accounts for 42% employment. And finally, the global average for agricultural contribution is 6.4%, making Indian agriculture a higher contributor by that standard.

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Posted On 15/12/2021 in Agriculture , Agriculture technology , Solar power

Solar power and Agriculture

Isn't it interesting to know that the energy consumption of the entire world for a year can be handled by the sunlight that hits Earth for just under 2 hours? Small wonder then that solar power is being harnessed by households, industries, various kinds of commercial enterprises and even agriculture.

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Posted On 08/12/2021 in Agriculture , Corporate Farming , Farming

Corporate Farming

Typically, the word ‘corporate’ implies a behemoth structure that has more power, capabilities and a larger presence in the world. Almost all these characteristics apply when you associate ‘corporate’ with farming as well.

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