Texmo Industries Est. 1956

Design DNA

As a leading manufacturer of pumps & motors, Texmo Industries knows and values the importance of product design. And we are confident to state that design thinking has been part of our legacy from the beginning. The company’s founder, Mr. R. Ramaswamy, came back to India after obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering in England. This was in the year 1945. Even then, he was clear in his vision to design, and make pump sets that were uncompromising in quality and affordable to farmers everywhere.

He went a step further and thought of designing a company with purpose. A higher purpose focused on providing employment opportunities and sustaining life for poor farmers and their families. And this thought process drives us even today. Our design DNA comes from a long-standing legacy of thinking of products as supporters of life and not just an object waiting to be sold to a customer.

What drives product design?
The importance of product design lies in the fact that it can deliver a wonderful experience to the customer. As Saul Bass, the renowned graphic designer, said, “Design is thinking made visual.” Indeed, a well-designed product is something that anyone can see. Such a product is the result of an intense process of:

  • Imagining / visualising a product

  • Brainstorming

  • Prototyping

  • Testing

  • Going to market

  • Analysis & course corrections

Every company has its own process of product design and at Texmo Industries, we believe in starting a few of our designs based on customer feedback.

Business people doing a hand huddle over a table with official documents

Customers and product design
Considering that a product must be designed to serve customers, it does make sense for us to pay close attention to what our customers are saying. Our ideas for new products or product improvements start with listening to our customers. One such example of product design is the WB3 - a pump that stands for the collaboration that took place between all of us. There is also the TSP2, which was the result of our customers wanting more out of one of our bestsellers!

Few of the features that get special focus in the product design process are:

  • Power efficiency

  • Safety

  • Performance of the pump

  • Ease of repair and service

  • Installation process and

  • After-sales support

All products are designed to make the customer confident about buying Taro Pumps. Primarily because we have followed solid design principles while crafting and manufacturing our products.

Design principles
Design experts have detailed the main principles and stages in the design process. We have paid attention to all the critical stages. We are also paying attention to the user-experience while designing our products. Blending both the worlds – product design and user experience – is a unique system but we realise that this must be done because our customers expect top-quality performance and ease of use from Taro Pumps.

We also believe that product design, when done right, should be repeatable. Documenting the technical process, specifications, learnings, and solutions is the way to create products that delight customers. And this is why we have great confidence in our products when we finally introduce them to the market. Our pumps are better, by design.