Texmo Industries Est. 1956

We Work. Together.

At the Texmo Group, teams work because of multiple reasons. Company culture is a solid foundation to how the teams come together and stay focused on goals. Teams also work because of management principles such as continuous improvement, and design thinking. There is one more aspect of our workplace culture that helps us grow positively and strongly.

And this aspect is our culture of inclusivity.

What is inclusion or inclusivity?
Inclusion is something that applies to almost any company and any aspect of life. Design, education, language, cultural activities, classrooms, families, and the workplace. It is a self-explanatory term! Inclusion means just that – making sure that everybody is and feels included in the group.

But, as simple as it is to define, inclusion is a complex topic when it comes to discussion and implementation, especially in the workplace. For a company to foster inclusivity, it may mean deep-level changes at multiple levels.

For instance, at Texmo Industries, employees learning sign language helped us include differently abled people into our workspace. Our attention to and orientation towards inclusivity helped us win awards and recognitions such as ‘India’s Best Employer’ by the Provident Fund Organisation in 2003, and 'the best private employer for employment of differently abled persons' by Tamil Nadu State Government in 2012.

The philosophy of inclusion
The profound strength of inclusion becomes obvious if you were to think about an orchestra. Regardless of how talented the violinist is or how wonderful the drummers are, or even how superlative the guitarists are, they must come together to create harmonious sound. And this is how inclusivity works. It is not just putting together different ‘musicians’ in the workplace, it is how each of them brings their own unique skillset and builds the 'orchestra.

Inclusion also helps create a more synergistic, and gentler workspace. It helps team members work together in the truest sense of the term. It helps them discover each other’s strengths and respect the differences. And perhaps one of the biggest outcomes of inclusivity is the spirit of open heartedness that threads itself through inclusive teams.

Business people doing a fist bump signifying teamwork

Culture of strength
Great Place To Work® carried out research into company culture and few of the main findings were the benefits of an inclusive workplace. These findings encompassed:

  • Increased ability of the company to recruit diverse talent

  • Higher revenue growth

  • Greater ability to innovate

  • Employees being 6.3 times more likely to have pride in their work

This culture of strength goes beyond mere tolerance of differences. It must be about celebrating the differences. It is about treating people with respect and civility. In turn this approach to inclusivity helps us collaborate and create more efficiently. It helps harness diverse skillsets more effectively and gets the teams to perform at higher levels of productivity.

Having an inclusive mindset also make us resilient. We know we can build something stronger, and sustainable when we work together, in the true sense of the term. It helps foster a high trust work environment where people with diverse backgrounds, and challenges can come together to find professional and personal satisfaction.