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Visit Us – We Are ‘Open’ 24 x 7

You know that we'd delighted to keep our brick & mortar store open 24x7! After all, it means we get more time to meet you, and talk to you, and offer the best products & services to you. But, since a 24x7 physical presence is not possible right now, we have done the next best thing – put our website at your disposal, 24x7x365!

Our story began in...
1956, actually, but our new website made its debut in 2018. And even before the oodles of information available now on good web design, we knew that our website should be:

  • Content-centric

  • Super-functional

  • Efficient

  • Visually appealing and

  • Helpful

Primarily, our website helps you with information on the types of pumps we have and the service support you can get. It aims to be helpful when it comes to making the right choices. Our pump selector is powered by a truly intelligent algorithm that offers you the right model after analysing your answers.

Depending on the category (agriculture, domestic, industrial) of pump you need, you simply complete a few basic questions and get a list of products that best suit your needs. Armed with this information, you can walk into any of our dealer locations and get more support from a Taro team member too.

Efficiency & visual appeal
Your experience with one of the most efficient pump selection processes will be the same when you visit our website and at our dealer or store as well. We have a fabulous hub system that allows our dealers to help you not just with information but also with tracking of your order, inventory, and so on.

And what if you want to know more about the other pumps we make? Look for the colour differences. We use green for our agricultural products, blue for domestic, and grey for industrial pumps.

The visual appeal of our website lies in the use of earthy and muted colours. This was a deliberate choice because we believe in working quietly and at the grassroots level. Keeping it simple has netted us the best possible results – we are here to serve customers, especially farmers, with the best products at the most affordable prices.

And therefore, you will see all these factors coming together seamlessly on our website – simplicity, useful content, and innovative technology.

We also want to connect traditional brick & mortar shopping with online / ecommerce approach. As the Mrs Damayanti Ramachandran, Managing Director of Texmo Industries said in 2018, “We have always tried to stay ahead of the curve, and the launch of the Taro Pumps website represents a commitment to shoppers of the future, whilst making sure that more traditional shoppers can benefit too.”

Layered desktop screens with design images

Design is key
As with our products, the design of the new website took a lot of thought and deliberation. We are aware that even traditional manufacturing / engineering companies must be interesting in the online space! So, whether it is our social media presence or our website, design rules the day, every day.

Key components such as navigation, easy links, and information are built and arranged with the user in mind. Back in 2018, we were aware of the burgeoning ecommerce space, growth of the internet, and expansion of the online shopping population and therefore put in a strategy to grow our online presence steadily & organically.

And so, whether you want to know more about the agricultural sector, or our company, or even interact with us socially, all you have to do is drop in at https://www.taropumps.com/

We are open 24 x 7 x 365.


  • In 2018, we had said that the number of internet users was 462 million. As of April 2023, this figure is around 4.9 billion people (and counting). India has around 692 million internet users.