Texmo Industries Est. 1956

Values & Recruitment

It is interesting to delve into what various business leaders think about values. For instance, Roy Disney states that it is not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are. Dave Logan goes to the extent of saying that the CEO is not in charge of the company, the values are and it is the role of every good leadership to pass on positive values. Perhaps one of the most interesting observations on company culture and values comes from Larry Senn who is a name to reckon with in corporate culture. He says “Culture is not an initiative, Culture is the enabler of all initiatives.

For us at Texmo Industries, corporate values have indeed been an enabler in more ways than one. Yes, they have evolved in many ways since our establishment in 1956. However, a few core values have been permanent and have served as pathfinders ever since our genesis.

What does Texmo Industries value?
One value that we have held above almost every other is putting people before profits. For us our value can never be limited to monetary definitions. And we are also aware that the term people encompasses:

  • Employees

  • Customers

  • Dealers

  • Suppliers

  • Partners

  • And society at large.

It is also true that we design our way of working around important core values. And one of the vital aspects of how values help us stay relevant is in the way we define our relationships with our employees.

Pictorial of a dart board, lighthouse and weighing scales with the words mission, vision and values written below each of them

The long-term point of view
Regardless of the level of recruitment, we look at fostering a relationship with the person for a long duration of time. We want to be able to provide a supportive environment for the individual, so they enjoy a healthy work-life balance and go home every day satisfied in the knowledge that they have contributed to the world at large.

This attitude is also driven by the fact that we are a family-owned, privately held organisation. We bring this lineage into our commitment to being a company that supports life and is not limited to merely providing a job to an individual.

Values drive our teams
Texmoites are known for their simple work philosophy – we get things done. And on the way to getting things done, our teams harness multiple ‘power sources’:

• A history that dates to 1956

• Active investment in innovation

• Unique processes such as continuous improvement

• Practising what we preach about giving back to the community

• A leadership team that is committed to taking decisions that put employees first and sustaining the Texmo Group of companies.

Our people are undaunted by work. Simply because they are driven by the knowledge that the products and processes they are building & strengthening now, will last for another century (and more). And, most importantly, our values attract people who want to be a part of a vibrant, dynamic, and supportive manufacturing company.

Indubitably, our values foster a culture where people with a growth-mindset are welcome. A culture where navigating new perspectives, with respect and acceptance helps you design a wonderful work life too.