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TCT – Taro Certified Technician

It is safe to say that a good product delivers its purpose to a customer only when it is installed by a good technician. And this is especially true of products made by Taro Pumps. We believe that we have earned high ratings from customers because of our product range such as:

  • Submersible Pumps

  • Open Well Pumps

  • Monoblock Pumps

  • Jet Pumps

  • Sewage Pumps and

  • Motors

More importantly, we know that we have to justify a customer’s continued faith in us by providing them with the best technicians in the industry.

The support of a good technician goes a long way in addressing the concerns and queries a customer may have. And this is precisely why we strive to equip our technicians with knowledge about market conditions, our manufacturing process, the quality of our pumps, and of course, help shore up their domain knowledge too. This is where our TCT or Taro Certified Technician programme plays a crucial role.

Taro Pumps manager conducting technician programme

The TCT programme
We realised that a technician certified by our company can not only install the products correctly but also be the voice of the customer for us. The result is the TCT programme, created in 2020. The first batch saw 26 participants, and today, we are in a position to train around 60 participants in one session.

5361 – that's the total number of TCT that have been trained and certified by our company. This year until now, we have already had 500 TCT visiting our factory.

We also knew that one of the most common pain points for customers is the non-availability of service back-up and people to answer their technical questions. So, it is not just the pre-sales and even the actual sale of the product that determines success. It is also the continued assurance of a trained, qualified, expert technician who can provide holistic support to our customers.

The aim of the programme is to deliver best-in-class product & service experience to customers through the skills and knowledge levels of a technician trained by Texmo Industries. Thus, a Taro Certified Technician (TCT) will undergo a combination of theoretical & practical training spread over two full days and be equipped with the right skills and learning.

Furthermore, a TCT will also enjoy a sustained association with the brand and undergo re-evaluation, refresher courses, and continuous improvement too. Typically, a Taro Certification programme sees the participants go through important aspects such as:

  • Familiarisation with company history, policies, products, & processes

  • Knowledge session on the kinds of customer complaints they may get and handling the same

  • Installation and technical information on all products

  • Visits to all our plants and foundry divisions

  • Interactions with our sales and service teams

Taro Pumps manager conducting technician programme

Taro Pumps brand growth
The TCT is also a valuable source of information for the company. The two-way communication process sees the technicians sending the company images, and information related to the pump installations they do all over the country. The TCT network also helps the company understand customer requirements in a more meaningful way.

All of which results in a deeper relationship with our brand, Taro Pumps. A technician who knows our products & company is also one of the strongest brand ambassadors we can have. This is precisely why Texmo Industries works towards building and nourishing a network of Taro Certified Technicians that service customers wherever they may be.