Texmo Industries Est. 1956

People Power To The Fore

It is interesting to delve into the cultural history of the Texmo group. It is also interesting to be a part of the events and functions conducted by the company. Because in both instances, you will see how the company practices what it preaches when it comes to putting people before profits.

From the time the Founder, Mr.R.Ramaswamy established Texmo Industries to today, employees are not just the workforce for us. They are the force that drives Texmo Industries and Taro Pumps to be the best in the world. And this is true for all our group companies, and activities.

We believe that people, process, and products are a dynamic, and co-dependent ecosystem and at the heart of it all are our people.

People – the legacy
Way back in 1937, a young Ramaswamy set off to on a voyage to England to study engineering. In his sojourn there, he not only got that formal education but also a worldview on culture, values, ways of working, and life lessons galore. And he brought all his formidable wisdom back to Coimbatore where he got together with a small team of dedicated people to start the Texmo group of industries as we know it. Few of those people who stood by the Founder are standing by Taro Pumps even today.

The democratic, close, and strong bonds between the founder and his team have become the foundation for our values now. The employees’ problems were the founder’s problems, and their joys were shared too. The legacy of this company is that an employee is not merely working with us, but providing a way of life to themselves and the people who depend on them.

People – the achievers
Team work is the only way forward for the group. Just a while ago, our group saw the establishment of Texmo Blank. And during the grand announcement event, it was the old hands who were seated in the front rows. We have achieved everything because of people power. This tradition of trusting the team to meet goals, achieve success, and build the future together is indeed apparent in every decision that is taken when it comes to producing world-class products.

Taro Pumps engineers working in the factory

People – the future
The future of the Texmo Group is super-bright, even if we say so ourselves! We have invested in our culture of valuing our people by focusing on our recruitment strategy, career path, training programmes, and people-centric policies. When an employee knows that they are cared for, then they can genuinely enjoy their work, every single day.

Creating a culture of caring yields many impressive results:

  • Higher job satisfaction

  • Better work-life balance

  • Smarter productivity

  • Lower stress levels

  • Longer relationships between the company and its people

It is also important that creating this kind of culture takes place in every department and at every level within the company. Diversity, inclusivity, empathy, support, and respect are a few of the ways in which we drive home the point – people will always be greater than profits. And as we march on, we are strengthened by the magnificent people power every step of the way.