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Designing an Effective Recruitment Process

People are not our most important asset...

                            ...the right people are our most important asset.

And we go to great lengths to define, identify, recruit, and nurture the right person. It all starts with the design of the recruitment process.

What is recruitment?
The Human Resources Department in Texmo Industries, like in so many other companies, performs multiple tasks when it comes to employees. One of the main, we would even say, core functions is recruitment. Designing a comprehensive process to find us the right people includes:

  • Planning workforce requirements

  • Designing job ads

  • Publishing, and managing responses to the job ads

  • Maintaining a database of aspirants

  • Interviewing candidates

  • Onboarding

  • Training

  • Retaining the right people

The right fit
Recruitment is not just hiring the right person. It is also hiring the right person who fits with the company culture. Designing the recruitment process therefore should be done whilst keeping in mind:

  • Company mission statement

  • Management style

  • Vision

  • Workplace environment

  • Management principles such as continuous improvement

  • Expectations of employee behaviour

  • Growth opportunities provided by the company

Company culture is important, and it should be an integral part of the recruitment process. It is interesting to note that according to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 77% of the respondents stated that they would consider company culture before even applying for a job. Being a great and collaborative place to work does have huge advantages when it comes to recruitment!

The team
When it comes to hiring people, the focus is not just the teams that new recruits will join, but also the teams doing the hiring. An effective, efficient, and cohesive recruitment team makes the job easier. Few factors that make a recruitment team strong are:

  • A clear, and united understanding of the kind of people needed by the company

  • Comprehensive identification of job vacancies, and the kind of people needed for the same

  • Streamlining all processes in the recruitment task

  • Maintaining a database of candidates

  • Transparent, unbiased, and objective evaluation process.

Recruitment steps symbolized on a digital screen

Most teams use a combination of physical processes, and software to design the best recruitment system. For instance, at Texmo Industries, we use DiSC® tool to assess how potential candidates would fit into our company.

We also rely on our team’s ability to back up software / digital support with human assessment. Our recruitment processes are designed to look for the person who respects our culture for dedication, discipline, simplicity, and ethical workplace behaviour.

Doing it right
The manufacturing industry is thought to be traditional, and maybe even stodgy! At Texmo Industries, we have learnt how to combine tradition and innovation. We have also learnt to be agile in our response to the industry’s changing needs.

While designing a recruitment process is a mammoth undertaking, we know that it must be done right. We create engaged employees, not just recruits. We foster long-term relationships with our employees, not just temporary associations. We nurture leadership values in everybody so they can commit to doing the best work they can for personal and professional satisfaction.

And we must be doing something right because our teams have won awards and made their mark because of Kaizen principles that we have implemented.

Indubitably, recruitment processes must be designed keeping so many crucial factors in mind, so we continue to do the right thing, with the help of the right people.