Texmo Industries Est. 1956

Better, by Culture

There are many factors that make Texmo Industries better. Better than our competitors, a better place to work, better products, better services and so on. And if there is one overarching factor that makes this all possible, it is our culture. Indeed, our strong heritage, built from 1956 onwards, makes our company and its brand, Better, by Culture.

For the next few months, we embark on highlighting what makes the culture of Texmo Industries, and why Taro Pumps stands far above every other company in the market.

What is corporate culture?
We chose the theme of Better, by Culture for the next few months because we know the importance of this intangible and yet crucial aspect of corporate life. Culture is that invisible (and often hard to describe) connection that all of us build. It starts with the hiring of people who understand our corporate culture and continues to strengthen relationships throughout everyone’s careers.

Corporate culture is our set of core values, and beliefs that are shared through everything we do. It is also reinforced via:

  • Our interactions with each other

  • Social media communications

  • Our official policies

  • Employee-centric programmes and events

  • Work environment and

  • Our systems and processes

And this company culture decides how we all work with the outside world too.

Why is culture important?
When our team internalises corporate culture, it also determines how they interact with people outside and inside the company ecosystem. For instance, at Texmo Industries, we believe that almost everybody can be included in the workspace. And this is why we have a culture of inclusivity. Women are made to feel safe within our workspace too.

Finger pointing to a digital representation of core values, customers and goals

Another keystone of corporate culture is customer service. For our brand, Taro Pumps, this provides not only a strong competitive advantage but also helps our customer support team do the right thing for and by the customer. With this collective focus on customer service comes highly positive feedback as well.

Shared culture also defines a common path to the way we work. For instance, continuous improvement, adaptability, innovation, and a people-first philosophy define almost everything we do on an everyday basis. We are aware that these facets are important because shared culture equals happier employees.

Transformational power of culture
When we looked at different studies done on culture, we found that:

  • Culture is important for 46% of job seekers

  • Millennials place culture fit above everything else

  • High-performance employees are attracted to companies with great culture, and this leads to a 33% increase in revenue

There is no doubt that corporate culture is a sine qua non for every company that wants to stay the course, like we do! From job seekers to employees going on retirement, the legacy, and value system of a company makes an enormous difference. Whether it is an employee doing splendid work and being recognised for it, or a leader making the right decisions for their team, it is culture that functions as the pathfinder. And it is culture that fosters cohesiveness and loyalty.

Join us as we embark on a thrilling journey that takes us through how we are Better, by Culture.