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100% Performance Guarantee

Most companies love motivational phrases and mottos. At Taro too, we invest time & energy in not just crafting these mottos and keywords but in using them as roadmaps to come up with improvements and programs  in our processes, products and most importantly, in customer service. One of these programs is the 5 Ticks Program.   

In the year 2019, we embarked on the 5 Ticks Guarantee Program which created a five-pronged strategy to serve our customers by offering:

2-year worry-free warranty

15-year spare parts supply guarantee

48-hour service turnaround

Solid overall customer support - 9/10 customers rate us as world class

100% performance guarantee

100% performance guarantee

With this component of the 5 Ticks Guarantee program, Taro commits to A 100% performance guarantee.

We do this by meeting the specifications provided on the performance chart which include certain key performance indices. 

Some of these indices are:

  • Head
  • Discharge
  • Efficiency
  • Power
  • Current consumption
  • Voltage

Is there a less-than-100% guarantee?

Not at Taro, for sure! 

We do not tie our customers up in tech-speak. It’s a 100% performance guarantee and that encompasses everything we want to work with. The confidence of staying true to a 100% performance guarantee also comes with innovations and consistent maintenance of high quality in manufacturing.

For instance, Taro Pumps deploys techniques such as dynamic rotor balancing, induction brazed rotors and automatic winding machines to maintain product consistency. 

How are we able to do this?

Taro is able to offer a path-breaking 100% performance guarantee because we have been listening to our customers for more than 30 years now. The product development process at Taro is significantly customer-centric. 

Since a product is aimed at making our customer’s life easier, Taro has roped in customers for product specifications, validation and critical feedback. 

This has resulted in consistency in manufacturing and a structure to each product launch. Our supply chain works to help the customers and in meeting our guarantee too.