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Mechanics Meet: Sri Venkatachalapthi Electricals, Bangalore

Our dealers and Sales Office teams conduct mechanic meets all over the country.

Taro Pumps dealer, Sri Venkatachalapthi Electricals, organised a mechanics meet in Tirupattur recently. This meet brought together seven participants who made the fifty-minute long session immensely useful. Such mechanics meets help everybody renew their understanding of & association with the company’s history and unique programmes such as the Taro 5 Ticks.

In the Tirupattur meet, the mechanics were given information by the Bangalore Sales Office team on the dealer, company history, and new products. Our product portfolio includes borewell submersible pumps. The participants came to know more of the TCT programme, importance of pump suction lift, and the new products too. Sridhar, with fifteen years work experience, appreciated our products and said that he recommends Taro Pumps confidently because of product quality. It's always fantastic to know that we are able to support hard-working mechanics and their work in pump installation.