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Customers Meet, Jai Bajrang Hardware & Electrical, Nagpur

In a session that lasted for one-and-a-half hours, Taro Pumps got the opportunity to interact with twenty customers at Shendri.

This delightful meet was organised by our dealer Jai Bajrang Hardware & Electrical, supported by Nagpur Sales Office. The company wanted to engage in meaningful conversation with our customers.

We also wanted to talk to them about the Taro Pumps brand, including the company history. Information was also given on 5 Ticks, dealer, service centre, and the wide range of fast moving products including motor pumps. It was also immensely encouraging to hear from Dilip Ambedkar, & Vinod Kore who have been using Taro Pumps for ten and eighteen years respectively. Good quality and great performance of their pumps are keeping them loyal to the Taro Pumps brand!