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As long as your pump is installed correctly, and you follow our product selection guidelines, we guarantee that your pump will perform as it should! While no other company will provide you with that guarantee, it’s only Taro who have complete trust in their products.

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I purchased 2 Borewell Submersible pumps from a dealer. Both of the pumps are running well until today and providing excellent performance in low voltage. Not too long after that I purchased another Borewell Submersible pump.

Rajendra Prasad, Coimbatore.

All Taro pump sets will meet the rated head and discharge requirements mentioned on the name plate.

The product performance chart will give the range of head and their respective discharge values.

To get more details on the entire performance range, you can also reach out to our channel partner or call our technical support team at 1800 102 8888

The current consumption for the rated voltage is provided in the name plate. This current consumption will be more or less uniform in the voltage band mentioned on the name plate.

The safe operating head range for submersible pumps is between 0.75 and 1.1 times rated head Monoblock pumps have a safe operating head range between 0.8 and 1.1 times rated head. Beyond this range, the power consumption increases.

Taro pumps operate at maximum efficiencies near the rated head and discharge. The efficiencies are lower by approximately 3% in the safe operating head range. Beyond this head range, there is considerable drop in efficiency.

The pumps should be selected based on the application. The head range should be within the safe operating region and the voltage band should be matched to the field conditions. This will ensure the best performance for the pump.

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The Taro history goes back to more than 65 years. Founded by R. Ramaswamy in 1956, today, we are a fourth-generation pump manufacturing company. Our mission has always been directed toward the benefit of the farmer.



We are an equal opportunity company and are driven by visionary leadership. Our team of 2000 and counting people prides itself in ensuring high quality, transparency, ethics and a firm commitment to always delivering the best.



Our manufacturing systems bring together world-class technology and processes, with an uncommon dedication to ensuring high quality products for our customers. Every aspect of manufacturing is aligned to meet this vision: of ensuring a Taro pump for every need.


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