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Our Products: Pumps and Electric Motors

Taro Open Well Submersible Pump

Open Well Pumps

Perfect for use in open-wells and situations where water levels frequently change. These powerful pumps work great for both water and sewage.

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Taro Submersible Pump by Texmo Industries

Submersible Pumps

With high power and durability, our submersible pumps are widely used in the agricultural industry. With a wide power range, we have the perfect one for you.

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Taro Pumps Electric Induction Motor


The motors at Taro provide more power and durability than the average. Our motors are the benchmark of quality in the water pump industry.

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Taro Monoblock Pump

Monoblock Pumps

The standard amongst submersible pumps, our borewell pumps provide the maximum amount of water to the agricultural industry each year.

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Taro Sewage Pump

Sewage Pumps

Our range of sewage pumps is perfect for domestic sewage pumping. We provide the range in two types, submersible and surface so find out more here.

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Taro Jet Pumps

Jet Pumps

Known for being easy to install and work well in both deep and shallow wells, they blast water to the surface and are a known open-well pump alternative.

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