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Syed Electricals Launch

Syed Electricals Launch: newly renovated store and the Taro Hub implementation.

Taro Pumps is delighted to announce an addition to the family! Syed Electricals has opened its doors to customers in Kannamangalam, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu. This is Store No.45 in the burgeoning Taro presence. 

The fresh and inviting green space demonstrates the many advantages to choosing Taro Pumps. Customers can take advantage of the easy-to-see product display as well.  

Social distancing norms were paramount during the inauguration as well. A simple function signalled the launch of Syed Electricals. It also heralds the renewed commitment to serving the community with the unique Taro Hub program.  

Taro Pumps dealers are magnificent at delivering outstanding service and building a lifelong association with customers. Take a look at how this works at Syed Electricals.