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Sree Venkataramana Electricals & Pipes Launch

Sree Venkataramana Electricals & Pipes Launched in Kadiri, Andhra Pradesh: brand new Taro Pumps store.

The city of Kadiri saw a small but important function recently and that is the latest addition to the Taro family: the rebranded launch of the new Sree Venkataramana Electricals & Pipes. Here is a picture of the standardised and renovated Taro store.

With all the prevailing safety protocols in place, Sree Venkataramana Electricals & Pipes organised a small ceremony to inaugurate the new Taro store. Take a look at the new beginning that awaits the team and the customers in Kadiri.

The walls at the new Taro store reflect the company’s commitment to a green, clean future. The new layout also offers ample room for customer engagement and interactive product display.

Wishing you the very best!