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Raja Hardwares & Electricals Store Launch

Raja Hardwares & Electricals Launch: newly renovated store and the Taro Hub implementation.

This is the view of the brand new Raja Hardwares & Electricals! Welcoming the 31st store in the family of new and custom-designed Taro dealer stores across the country.

A detailed look at the interiors of the new Raja Hardwares & Electricals shows the ample room for customers to sit down, discuss and decide on the right kind of Taro Pump for their requirements.

More room also means more space for product displays. Here is a look at the product display racks at the new store.

Family and friends of Raja Hardwares & Electricals gather to signal an auspicious new start. Even though Covid slowed down our dealer store launches, we look forward to speeding up in the near future.

Welcome to the brand new Taro family!